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Bedford HA Roma Dormobile 1969 921708V147891-Leominster Classic & Vintage March 2018 2766

Chassis number:
Engine number:
Body number:
Leominster Classic & Vintage March 2018
Auction House: Brightwells
Registration number:
KMJ 539G
Sold for: £ 2.600

Has not been sold. Highest bid £2.600

When did you last see a Vauxhall Viva HA? Or its commercial off-shoot the Bedford HA? OK, when did you last see a Bedford HA Roma campervan conversion by Martin Walter?
For our younger viewers, the Bedford HA was a fairly pedestrian (well, you know what I mean) commercial variant of the unassuming, but honest, Vauxhall Viva HA (1963-66). However, in the hands of Martin Walter of Folkestone, the HA was turned into a transport of delight, that most versatile of vehicles: the Dormobile.
Martin Walter took the Bedford Beagle estate car and transformed it by adding a fibreglass roof and rear door, both of which elevated to add masses of additional space in an exercise only rivalled by the Gallifreyan re-modelling of a certain Police phone box.
In fact, the roof lifts up to permit standing room, and the rear door provides additional leg-room (concertina tenting provides a slight degree of privacy and weather-proofing). The rear seat folds down to provide a bed base, there are shelves and storage spaces, but no cooking facilities, shower, toilet, hot tub or lounge: the Roma was not, you may have guessed, a threat to the Winnebago.
This 1969 Roma appears original in all respects and its lively 1,256cc runs and the car does drive, but little more than that is known. Its last MOT expired in 2016 (with no advisories) and six old MOTs show that the car has covered only 1,500 miles in the last 12 years. The vendor believes it to be the first conversion carried out by Martin Walter but there is no evidence for this so you will have to make your own minds up on that score.
The camper does appear to be basically sound but, as with any car of this period, a thorough inspection is advised before you set off for the Lake District. The HA was an uncomplicated piece of kit so any remedial work should be straightforward. The open road beckons (Brexit permitting).

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