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Aston Martin V8 Vantage 'Molded Fliptail' 1978 V8/11904/LCA-Monterey 5853

Chassis number:
Engine number:
Body number:
Auction House: RM Sotheby's
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Sold for: $ 280.000

One of 23 LHD Molded Fliptail V8 Vantages built One of 11 delivered to North America Original engine rebuilt to big-bore specification Mated to a five-speed manual transmission Regularly serviced and maintained; ready to drive and enjoy As with any automotive manufacturer, and in the case of Aston Martin and the V540 V8 Vantage, a number of rolling changes were incorporated into production over time in an effort to improve the breed. These were very much hand built cars, and after the upgrades and proper tests were completed, only then could they be delivered to their deserving customers. For the first 16 cars built, the cars aerodynamic upgrades, namely the rear spoiler, were bolted on. From that point on, the rear spoiler was smoothly integrated into the bodywork, and the bonnet bulge opening was welded shut during production. Twenty-three of these cars were built from December of 1977 to September of 1978, earning them the nickname of Molded Fliptail to differentiate them from the rest of the production run. Of these 23 Molded Fliptail V8 Vantages, 11 were delivered new to customers residing in North America when built. Constructed in March of 1978, this particular V8 Vantage was destined for the Canadian market, where it was delivered new through Grand Touring Automobiles in Canada and sold new to a customer in Vancouver, British Colombia. The car was later sold to a Canadian owner who kept the car at his residence in Palm Desert, California. The car was eventually acquired by Kean Rogers, a well-known V8 Vantage enthusiast and historian, in 1999, and formally imported to the United Sates. Kean stripped the car to bare metal and restored the chassis, fitting all new rubber body seals, fully repainting it to Royal Cherry, the color it sports today. Mechanically, the car received a full brake system overhaul, new clutch assembly, rebuilt water pump, new heater valve and water hoses, and a carburetor rebuild, amongst other work. At that time, the original interior remained largely as-is, save for re-padding the seats, new Wilton carpets and Fawn wool headliner, and a thorough cleaning. During the restoration, it was noted that the chassis was inspected and that there was no rust found, and the car was later treated with epoxy rust preventative paint. The car was then sold to an Aston Martin collector on the East Coast. In April 2005 during one of its annual services, the car received an engine rebuild and was converted to 6.0-liter specification, utilizing authentic European-specification Vantage parts supplied by the U.K.-based Aston Martin specialists at Aston Engineering. This improvement in displacement upgrades performance to 500 bhp and 500 pound-feet of torque, making for quite an exciting drive! Over the course of the last decade, the car has been serviced and maintained on a regular basis by Autosport Designs of Huntingdon Station, New York, and remains ready to drive and enjoy.

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